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This Weeks Features

Exclusive Interview with Lina Jasutiene, Managing Director, Recoupex

The COVID-19 coronavirus situation is evolving rapidly, creating considerable challenges for the logistics, supply chain, shipping and maritime sectors. According to insurers, the ripple effect of shutdown, triggered by the pandemic, will have a key impact on claims and compensation around the globe.

Sea News (SN) engaged in a discussion with Lina Jasutiene (LJ), Managing Director of Recoupex on

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Decoding the ‘Lockdown’ Supply Chain of High demand and perceived scarcity

Even as the Indian state and central government announces various steps to contain the COVID-19 pandemic in India through an extended lockdown, Indian households continue to battle the fear of scarcity and uncertainty over access to daily essentials. While the government has recently announced a list of sectors that can resume operations from 20th April, Including the flow of goods in the country, across

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Maersk Continues to Grow Profitability, Safeguarding Global Supply Chains: Søren Skou

A.P. Moller – Maersk had a financially strong start to the year. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s profound impact on global trade the company kept momentum in its strategic transformation and demonstrated robustness to weather the crisis.

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Critically Ill Seafarer Rescued following Swift Intervention from UN Agencies

The COVID-19 pandemic has put seafarers around the world in precarious situations. Travel restrictions mean some cannot leave their ships, be repatriated home, or even get urgent medical assistance. Other seafarers have seen their contracts unilaterally terminated or have been quarantined on board ships for more than 14 days, without getting paid.

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PRESS INVITATION: The Pathway to Hydrogen and Ammonia as Shipping Fuels



Remote extension to existing Dynamic Positioning inspection service

Viking Line’s service over the next few weeks

Malta – Recent Changes to Laws Regulating Shipping Companies

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