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Container Ports: Fastest, Busiest and the Best Connected

Known as the “humble heroes” of globalization, containers are handled in hundreds of millions at container ports worldwide annually. Efficient and well-connected container ports enabled by frequent and regular shipping services are key to minimizing trade costs, including transport costs, linking supply chains and supporting international trade.


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A sea of change: Autonomous vessels and their legal quagmire

With the advent of autonomous vehicles looming ever closer to hitting the streets of developed nations, the maritime logistics sector is no exception. In this piece we look at autonomous vessels from the perspective of liability and legality and managed to get some face time with the team at Holman Fenwick Willan, who, as it turns out, are ahead of the curve,


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Factors Impacting Cold Supply Chain Sector Growth in India

India is currently the world’s largest producer of milk, second largest producer of fruits and vegetables and has a substantial production of seafood, meat, and poultry products – all major categories demanding a robust and efficient management of its supply chain. As per a recent Crisil Research report, the Indian Cold Chain Industry is growing at

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Cleanest Ship to Visit U.S. Comes to Long Beach

MSC Jewel emits 75% less than previous generation vessels.

Mediterranean Shipping Company’s MSC Jewel, the cleanest container ship to visit the United States, stopped by the Port of Long Beach last month. MSC Jewel arrived at Total Terminals International’s Pier T facility on July 12. The ship, 1,200 feet long with a capacity of 14,436 twenty-foot equivalent units

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News Stories for this week click through to read more

APM Terminals Yucatan to expand and modernise Progreso terminal

Klaipeda LNG Terminal meets Lithunia’s Domestic Gas demand

Genting Hong Kong To Sell 35% of Dream Cruises

HFW To Launch Monaco Office With Hire Of Market-Leading Team

Transshipment cargo handled at Busan Port dips in July

Buyers Seeking Delays, Cuts in LNG term Cargo from Australia’s Ichthys

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