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Digitally-enabled Logistic service providers promoting Start-ups

In the era of digitally enabled businesses and the disruptive wave of technology start-ups, there is a rising demand for an equally enabled and intelligent business infrastructure. Logistics and supply chain has been a backbone of the global business and economy.


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CYBER SECURITY – A fine balance of Safety & Convenience

Cyber made it all possible. The world felt more connected, faster, and better – like never before. However, as good was being shared, very much inevitably the bad spread too. The most technologically perfect locks were created, and cyber-security pride reached its horizons but the flip side of this coin –the prospects of cybercrime too scaled heights.The chase continues.


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Who and What Drives the Management of your Supply Chain?

Logistics has by far been one of the most crucial and yet one of the least significant functions across business setups; mostly considered to be an ‘operational’ function instead of a strategic one. As a result, it remained a low skill job that was an additional/ on-the-side function handled by someone

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Steel Drum, IBC Manufacturers Look for Expansion in China

The global demand for steel drums & IBCs accounted for revenues equating US$ 13 Bn in 2018; A new study estimates growth to hover at 4% mark during the next decade. Increasing global trade and growing proclivity to invest in efficient transportation are supporting market growth, according to the authors of the report.

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Successful Tests on Cox Powertrain’s CXO300 diesel outboards

BPA Responds to DIT Free Ports Announcement

Cruise Industry And City Of Dubrovnik Partner For Innovative Destination Stewardship

Cruise Industry And City Of Dubrovnik Partner For Innovative Destination Stewardship

Handy Bulker Values to Rise Over 30% by End of 2020

Shell invests in PowerNap subsea tie-back in Gulf of Mexico

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